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Dealers - Stop Chasing Ghosts!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Have you ever received a mailer or a phone call (or text) about a vehicle you no longer own? Have you ever had a customer complain about being contacted about a car they haven’t owned in years?

While studying hundreds of dealers’ databases, across multiple brands, we discovered that 40% or more of all VINS were inaccurate - customers no longer owned the vehicles! This was a real eye-opener.

Let’s put this in perspective:

40% of the time you’re not even reaching your intended audience.

40% of all advertising money spent is wasted. It’s no mystery why, even with all the money spent on advertising, dealers are still nowhere near reaching their full potential! Not verifying VINS before contacting customers affects profitability, credibility, and reputation, resulting in losing the trust of customers. (“Your records are screwed up! Take me off your list!”) 40% of your customers traded vehicles and you didn’t even know it.

40% of the time BDC personnel and salespeople spend contacting customers is time wasted! What does that cost?

A service manager told me last week that he gave an advisor a list of customers to call who had recalls on their vehicles. There were 15 names on the list. 14 of them didn’t even own the vehicle anymore!

Sound familiar?

Even though factory marketing programs won’t do this for you, VIN VALIDATION IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL IN SUCCESSFUL MARKETING STRATEGIES!

Make sure customers still own the vehicle you’re contacting them about.....and STOP CHASING GHOSTS!

Our new FALCON LEAD GENERATION PLATFORM for both Service and Sales Departments comes standard with VIN VALIDATION.


For more insight into how FALCON will work in your dealership to increase service traffic

and sell more cars, contact us now!

Sale Closers, Inc

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