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Sale Closers' President and Founder, Jim Vaughn, started his career in the car business in the mid 70's at a small Chevy Dealership in East Tennessee. While Jim's roles in the Dealership centered around Sales and F&I, he also realized the untapped potential Service Departments presented - potential that Dealers weren't interested in exploring.

In those days, many Dealers viewed their Service Departments as a 'necessary evil' they had to have to perform warranty work and would even turn Service customers away "If you didn't buy the car here". From there Jim went on to become National Sales Manager at a major conversion van manufacturer, and later, National Sales Manager at an RV manufacturer.


After the RV position, next career stop was National Sales Manager for a Dealership marketing company, responsible for hiring, training and working with the Sales team. During the 12 years there, Jim had the opportunity to analyze DMS data from many Dealerships and looking at where various marketing programs had left Dealers.


10 issues emerged that virtually all Dealerships had in common - issues that were hurting profitability, ruining reputation and keeping them from reaching their full potential. Marketing companies and factory mandated programs offered no solutions. They didn't know they were hurting Dealers and wasting huge amounts of their money, or they didn't care. Either way, it's a problem.


Jim saw the need for a different kind of marketing strategy. In 2018, he left the old marketing company and Sale Closers, Inc was born. Jim immediately began assembling a new 'Dream Team' of professionals that went to work creating a new kind of marketing Platform, built around finding solutions for those 10 issues Dealers so desperately needed help with. More than just a 'marketing program', the Lead Generation and Customer Engagement Platform took over a year to perfect and is now delivering the highest response rates and the most ROI for Dealers nationwide - than anything else in this space.


Sale Closers' name itself personifies the company's mission - To provide Dealers with an intelligent tool to help them close more sales - in the showroom and on the drive!

"10 Issues dealers have in common that hurt profitability and reputation."

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