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The Car Business Has Changed...Or Has It?

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The Car Business Has Changed...Or Has It?

Automotive gurus talk about how the car business has changed in the last few years.

The car business hasn't changed.

Customers still buy and trade cars. Those cars need maintenance, repairs, tires. Cars are wrecked and body shops fix them.

What HAS changed is our customers.

In 2017, a major shift happened in this country, millennials became the largest segment of our population and the largest group of workers in the US labor force, 56 million in 2017. That number exceeded 70 million in 2018 and will only continue to grow each year. What this means for dealerships is that we must change the way we advertise - the way we interact with customers. Here is a quote from a recent article on the subject: “We’re going to have to communicate with this new type of tech savvy, digitally empowered customer on their terms if we’re going to win. Mobile is King. Today's modern customer uses their phone for communication, entertainment, news, shopping, taking pictures, videos, monitoring health and fitness. In other words, we use our phones for everything. Phones are our constant companions. Back in 2018, 25% of ALL customers, not just millennials, used mobile devices only. In 2022 that number is expected to jump to 75% or more! "If we don’t wake up and embrace this change, we will gradually lose our customer base and retention numbers will decline.” How do you navigate this change in our customer demographics? Start thinking about what CUSTOMERS would want to see, what they are more likely to respond to. “Back in” to building a strategy with customers in mind, don’t settle for cookie cutter programs that marketing companies try to sell you. Don't just 'market to' or 'talk at' customers. ENGAGE THEM. Create a new experience for customers and watch market share soar! For more information on how we can help increase sales for your dealership, contact us today! Jim Vaughn Sale Closers, Inc 386-690-3494

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