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It's been a wild ride in the car business the last 3 years.. We have survived Covid and Union strikes. We continue to deal with inflation. Interest rates now are at a 10 year high. Auto insurance rates skyrocketing. With Consumer savings and expendable income, the lowest in years, there is a general uncertainty about the future. So, what does this mean for dealerships?In 2024, auto industry experts are predicting a slowdown in service traffic, a decline in retention and lower margins in the sales department. After record profits in sales, Margin compression will be hitting dealers hard. Many dealers are already there. The Bottom line is all indicators point to a reduction in earnings.How will dealership management teams react? Many dealers are reacting by taking a defensive position. A strategy based on fear. Holding back and tightening spending. Some are even cutting payroll. Hoping to save themselves into a profit.Others see only opportunity. Opportunity to take market share away from less aggressive dealers. Whichever approach you take, with a focus on just one thing, dealers can survive, and even thrive in 2024. Sale Closers 2024 focus campaign is a strategic, systematic course of aggressive activities, an action plan, that allows dealers to thrive in 2024’s economy. This new platform was created with one goal in mind. Increase service department absorption to 100%. 2024 focus is a lead generation and customer engagement platform created to help dealers grow service department absorption to 100%, or more, by increasing R O count and dollars per R O, raise retention numbers dramatically and, compensate for margin compression in sales. So, make 2024 the year for focus, Focus on basics. Focus on building a strong fixed operations that will get you through these crazy market conditions. Get in touch with a local rep today.

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